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Your attitude is awesome. I really enjoy how open you are about your personal life


Cunt confidence

To me a perfect pussy


When I was a girl, my genitals looked the same as any other girls my age. No hair, a slight mound, and only the outer labia (labia ‘majora’) were visible. A slit.

I don’t actually remember how it looked, but it must have looked like everyone else’s. I would have been self conscious much earlier on if that hadn’t have been the case. Kids are mean.

I started puberty very early. I needed a training bra by second grade (6 years old) and I got my period in fourth grade (8 years old). I remember my family doctor suggesting to my Mother a pill that I could take that would slow down the opening of my pituitary gland so my peers could “catch up with me.”

I didn’t end up on any medication that interfered with my growth, thankfully. My Mother and I don’t agree on many things, but we did agree…

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Yes I am boring the world

Had surgery and was quite ill between may and then end of August, but still in contact with my secret Lover. We chat, we phone, we cam, and we for sure will be finally meeting in the near future.

Quite hard to believe that I have been totally faithful to this one girl who lives so far away but I have. not like me at all, but this one woman has captured me as no one else has ever