Her Legs

Long and Strong


Something about Her

I am new to the world of blogging and need to learn alot

But here it goes.

I can’t reveal my Secret Lover’s Identity as of yet. I can tell you that i thought it might never happen to find the girl of my dreams on the Net. It has. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

She is somewhat submissive after nearly six months of writing, telephone calls, and chatting we are in love. Being Married, both of us we need to be discreet.

She is hot, fantastic body, and mind. I will be seeing her within one month, We have talked about lovemaking, We have discovered things we share in common. I want to scream out her name. I want to say it all, but at this time i cannot.

She is kinky, loves new and exciting things we are both in boring relationships but they will end within a period of six months. It’s long distance right now but we will be making love, and also fucking which are two entirely different things. After our meeting i just might introduce her in pictures. 

But our love has grown and it is geniune.